Storm trooper birthday cake!

As I said, still one more baking update of birthday party bakings. I also made a chocolate dream -Swiss roll, but of that I shut my lips for now. Maybe some other time 😉

I mentioned earlier, how my friend is a huge fan of Star Wars, and thus subject for cake was easy to choose. It has to be storm trooper. Also this I made gluten- and lactose free, THE best cake recipe I have ever tried: so stiff but moist and soft at the same time! I will use this always from now on. Later I can make DIY post of it, if you want.

I cut the cake on 3 slices, moist it with milk with vanilla sugar in it and filled with berry-cream-curd which I made of own berries from own yard. As organic as it can get!


I let it settle in for some hours, while I did other baking, and eventually I covered this with whipped cream. Storm trooper I made of sugar frosting: first I printed a picture of trooper, cut it off from paper and made a slightly bigger shape of it on black frosting. Then on white frosting I drew lines with wooden toothpick and cut it off. All the rest, like eyes, ventilator things, stripes, other shapes, I drew with toothpick and cut off or just left marks. Then after setting white part on the black part, I filled “holes” and pits and stripes with black sugar icing from Wilton, to draw some sort of 3D-effect on it. It didn’t end up as good as I would wanted, but honestly I ran out of time and I couldn’t do more. The main thing though was, everyone loved it nevertheless! Next time I will know how much it takes time and can prepare for it better!



Looks messier than it should but it was delicious anyway!

I’m sorry I don’t have more pictures of different stages of making it, I didn’t intent of making this here but I got message request of it, so here it goes 🙂

Hope you liked this! Now I’m off to enjoy awesomely beautiful summer day!



4 thoughts on “Storm trooper birthday cake!

    1. Imo strawberries are the best in cakes, no matter on what form! Now we had our strawberry season here, and we had one birthday party, so naturally I made strawberry and cream cake. Best cake ever, always and forever! Too bad I didn’t manage to take any pictures at all, so I have to make separate blog entry of such cake!


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