Gluten free muffins (DIY, sort of)

The second thing I made for my friends birthday, was muffins. I didn’t want to make over-fancy cupcakes, even if those also has their place and time, this time I wanted to make basic, tasty and moist muffin which is enough to silent any kind of sweet tooth.

Luckily, from the miraculous world of internet, I found great recipe which I modified a bit and result was great.

This portion of dough was enough for 12 big ones (and tiny bit was left over actually) or 15 smaller ones.

You need:

125 grams of butter, soft but not melted fully
2 desilitres of sugar
2 eggs
4,5 desilitre  of gluten free flour mix
2 teaspoons of baking powder
2 table spoons of dark cocoa powder
1,5 desilitres of water, milk or cold coffee.
Put oven to heat on 225 deg of Celsius.
Fill a muffin tray with muffin papers. In this case I used Star War papers, since my friend is a huge fan of Star Wars and especially Storm Troopers.

Then start making dough by combining butter and sugar and whip it with mixer till its fluffy and rich.


After that, add eggs one by one whipping strongly after each.


When that is done, combine baking powder and cocoa powder with flours and mix them carefully with a spoon. Add them in dough in turns with coffee/water/milk (I used coffee) while whipping all the time with medium speed, and it should end up looking nice smooth chocolate dough as below.

Then just put dough in muffin moulds with spoon. Dough should be stiff enough so it is easy to do without huge mess (been there, seen that also…)

Bake them in oven about 10 minutes, my oven took more like 15 minutes but I did fill the moulds pretty full so it might have something to do with it. If you are not sure when to take them out from oven, you can check are they done by using wooden toothpick: stick it in a middle part of a muffin and if it comes out clean when you pull it out, it is done. If toothpick is wet or has much crumbs on it, leave them still in oven for few minutes. This is good to remember no matter are you making muffins or cakes or pies, same trick works every time.
After muffins are out, let them cool fully and you can freely decorate them as you wish. These became so fat and huge, I didn’t want to put too much cover on them so I just melted dark chocolate and pulled some stripes on them. Delicious!!!

If I would’ve have more chocolate, I would chop that and add in dough, that would’ve been awesome addition on a bite to have soft chocolate pieces in. Or any of your preferred pieces again, berries, candies, mints, anything you like.

I also made another portion of muffins, but that time I left cocoa powder off and replaced 1,5 desilitres of flour with coconut flakes. And added a bit of vanilla sugar, also vanilla extract works if you prefer that. Those I decorated just with sugar icing and tiny sugar stars (joke of Star Wars). Tastes good anyway!

So here ends this long post! Thank you if you read this far and I would be really happy to hear, if you make something like this and tell me how it was! I will be making yet one more post of this specific birthday baking operation, but my next subject ought to be my other love: GARDENING!


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