DIY Coconut-chocolate cookies

I am alive!!!

After spending few weeks in a sick bed, finally I feel alive. Oh how I hate viruses! The one and only good thing about laying in bed first in fever and flu, then suffering stomach flu, is that inevitably some kilos are lost.

So, to avoid bigger harms to come, those lost kilos has to be brought back, right? So it happens, that a very dear friend of mine is about to celebrate her birthday, and asked me to bake for her. And will I ever say no to baking? 😉 Also, of course, when baking something new, the quality has to be checked and few pieces tasted before deciding whether to give them to anyone else 😉

Today, full of energy, I went to grocery store to buy things I need for baking. But forgot the most important things and had to drive there again. Me and my memory…
This time everything I bake has to be gluten- and lactose free. Interesting to try something new! Even if I have done such things earlier too, now I want to do something slightly different. Starting from cookies.

This recipe is so simple, anyone can make these! Plus, on this simple base anyone can add their favourite things in and make one recipe on many!  So here it comes:

Coconut-chocolate cookies

Sooo yummy!!!


You need:
200 g  coconut flakes
150 g  sugar
2 eggs

Optionally you can add in some raisins, dried berries, dried fruits, chocolate chips, anything you want. But I think you already know me, I went for CHOCOLATE. I used dark chocolate, which has minimum 50% of cocoa in it, because it just gives the perfect strong taste on any baking. Of course any other chocolate can be used as well, white chocolate would make an interesting flavour!

All you need to do, is to put eggs and sugar in a bowl and whip it with mixer till it is hard. After that you add coconut flakes and optional additions and mix it all.


When it is mixed even, with spoon put small “dumplings” on baking tray,  leave some space between them in case they melt and spreads. You can smooth them a bit with fingers to form more cookie-like shape.


Then they are ready for oven, which is already heated to 200 deg of Celsius. Bake about 10 min,  till edges starts to be golden-brownish and delicious. Baking time may vary due to difference of ovens, so keep an eye on them when baking. I use, as usual, my best kitchen helper: digital timer with alarm  to remind me of baking time. Another story is then, will I remember to click start-button when I put tray in oven…



Let cookies cool fully on table before storing them, so they wont break in pieces.

So that’s it! It really doesn’t take much time to make these, and from this portion you get around 25 delicious cookies, depending of size, I made pretty chubby ones. You get more if you make them thinner, they will be more fragile ones but being so sweet, for sure thinner ones are perfect also to kill the craving for sweets. Unless that craving comes from something else entirely, as I made a notion earlier 😉

Let me know if you did these and how did you like them!!!


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