Cakes! Cakes everywhere!



Past week I was pretty busy with my studies as well as works, which were plenty now suddenly: I had a pyrowork order to be filled with schedule, two birthday parties to arrange and also 1st of May celebrating to prepare. Plus one dead-line of important part of school, which, I missed. With one day. With non-working connection OF COURSE.  Well that’s another war to fight. I comfort myself with the things I love, and already have told what it is…. Baking.

A bit un-finished table setting…

This monkey cake was made for a small party of 9-yrs birthday, where 4 boys were getting on sugar coma. Party went good even if weather was bad, monkey cake was liked by everyone. Liked even that much, that birthday boy said the monkey is way too cute to be eaten, and thus I had to wrap it in plastic and give it to keep on a shelf as decoration!
Cake was made with normal vanilla cake with chocolate mousse filling, cream on top and decoration of sugar monkey and chocolate bananas. Flowers were added by kids, I was just testing new tools i got.

The actual birthday celebrating happened at Saturday, and that went really smoothly. I also made mead and munkki-doughnuts, but forgot to take more pictures due to fuzz of guests and such. But it was a blast, everyone adored the cake which was bigger than I usually make, was made of chocolate and had white chocolate-nougat filling and lots of cream on it. This time I used waffle-based cake picture which i attached with a thin layer of lime curd. The reason for using a picture was, well, picture. Some time ago I saw this picture and couldn’t resist buying it. Its so gorgeous! Everyone loved it. I mean, who would NOT love dinosaurs!!!

The epic fight. We won, dinosaurs (obviously) lost.

And these are the pics I managed to take before it got destroyed. It was also gluten-free, which was pretty easy to make and taste was even better than normal cakes has!

So there it was, my cake-filled week, with rain. Weekend was really beautiful and sunny, even summer weather came and one miracle was witnessed here by many:
I was wearing a skirt.
That does not happen often. But now, the beautiful sunny day of Sunday (ha ha!) got to see my naturally oh-so-white and pale legs (and I’m talking of the paleness which makes eyes wet) au natural and I’m sure the shine of it was seen far away…

Its late now and I am tired of doing gardening after work, of that I will write later, since I made some discoveries! I’m so exited to plan this yard and garden!

Till then, lets keep our sweet teeth satisfied!


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