Frustration brings you far.

Frustration. The annoying but ah so familiar feeling, visits here pretty often. Sometimes caused by a real reason, sometimes appears without any specific reason and sometimes I just bring it to myself without any sense on anything. The guest of this evening belongs to the latter.

The funny thing is, I can’t even tell what’s the matter, but the feeling is there no matter what. It’s not being anxious or nervous, just some unrecognisable over-charge inside which makes pretty much everything intolerable. And no, it is not because of sugar coma this time. It makes me tight as a string of violin (as the saying goes) and everything pokes straight on my nerves.

This day was great, really wonderful in every way. I  got to spend quality time with family, we did some shopping and grocery shopping together, managed to deal with some unfinished works and weather was great. Even one very dear friend of mine paid a visit and I just got few hours of wonderful blabbering time. Now when evening is at hand and house became suddenly pretty quiet, I find myself wandering around thinking of billion of chores which should be done but not being able to take even one and do it. The worst thing is, in my head on non-stop repeat is this:

doit shia

With original audio. And it doesn’t go away!!!!

All day I had in my head all the things I want to share here, but now I can’t focus on that, those just blends on some weird fuzzy mess which I even can’t understand.

In other hand though, frustration can be used as source of energy and motivation and when manage to use it that way, magnificent things can be reached. Now I got mad enough to myself to get my ass up and do something productive. Like, bake a cake for one certain birthday party tomorrow! About things which are left on last moment *krhm*…….



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