Springtime celebration

(Picture borrowed from juhlat.fi)

As 1st of May draws closer, I find myself adding some baking and kitchen work in my calendar. In my country, in addition to colorful balloons and paper tape decorations and spring celebration,  traditionally we get one sort of mead to drink and doughnut-like pastries to eat, among with other goodies,but these two are my personal favourites. I love to make all by myself, even if everything is available in stores too, but home-made mead and pastries has a special feeling and taste, inevitably they are much better.

Since I am some sort of explorer on baking, I always search for some updates on baking. And this year I took start on these in advance. My old recipe took a new turn when I combined it with one of my favourite flavour: coconut. Also I didn’t make them the usual doughnut shape -a ring with a hole on the middle- but instead small balls which I then fried in oil. At some point oil got too hot, and surface baked just wonderfully leaving the heart still bit doughy- really wonderfully soft and moist, coconut taste was just great amount and I just could not stop eating after just one….


Traditionally we roll these in sugar, the finer the better. Unfortunately I didn’t have that real fine sugar so had to use the normal one making these a bit messy looking, but hey-those ARE messy to eat anyway and sugar is everywhere so why to care! Taste was  awesome nevertheless!

Traditional holed one I later had with my favourite coffee with a pinch of chocolate powder :3





So now it is time for me to go outside to do some gardening to burn some of calories these goodies brought me, but don’t worry; I’m never letting go all of them and will save some amount always as a memory of great delicacy!

Ps. Tomorrow I will make The Mead and will share it here (unless my typical luck causes some catastrophe upon working!)


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