“The longing for sweets is really a yearning for love or “sweetness.” ― Marion Woodman

One thing, that has always made me happy, is baking. Ever since I got into it somewhere at my junior high, I have been baking always something; using old well-proven great-grandma’s recipes as well as searching something new or updating my favourite ones in a mission of finding The Perfect pastry. Unfortunately this passion for baking shows, not in my wallet but on my waist…. But it is so worth it!!!

Triple-chocolate stripe doughnuts ❤

I love to make bread as well and other salty pasties, and garlic bread buns are my favourites of my doings. But absolutely wonderful and inspiring and challenging adventure for me is cakes. I don’t fancy too “complicated” cakes, but love to make something new of more traditional cream cake. Of course if needed, I do other things too, for example a friend of mine wanted a Minecraft cake for her son, so I made it using marzipan and candies. My problem and challenge always is the SIZE of the cake! I always tend to make some monstrous cake which weights like bag of stones and could feed a small village!   20150604_132205

Today I had pretty rough day and I was tired when got home. I knew I still have some work to do and send; deadline is today. And OF COURSE I had left everything on last moment. So, I got a nice hot cup of coffee, prepare everything and sit at my computer. I logged in on my working platform -just to find out it is unavailable due to maintenance on system till late evening. Felt like a winner!

So instead of working and sweating on some final works with computer, I started to crave something chocolaty. REALLY chocolaty. That meant that a moment later I found myself baking delicious wonderful chocolate pie, as we call it. Or Mocha pie, Mocha squares, Chocolate squares….. Dear child has many names.

I didn’t have chocolate sprinkles, unfortunately, but it will have to do like this now. As the topping includes real coffee, just now I realised how wonderfully more it would be mocha-like, if coffee would be added also in the dough itself! Something to do the next time I’m creating a serious sugar coma!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI didn’t have patience to take better pictures before this got destroyed,  the urge was too damn strong!!! Now with over-sweet feeling I am ready to face the final school work of this course!


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