Slow, love, slow…

This is my very first writing here and I have absolutely NO idea what this will become!
What you can expect to find from here? For sure, lots of different kinds of arts, of crazy things and creative stuffs I will post here, of my doings as well as others which I respect. Things which brings me joy, which I enjoy, which makes me happy or evokes any feelings big enough to be worth of sharing.

“Things that were, things that are, and some things that have not yet come to pass.”


Magical things, small things, huge and abnormal things, as well as boring things will inhabit this blog. Slowly I will build this world here, piece by  piece and  I hope you will find this comfortable and visit more often!

“I do not wish to evade the world
Yet I will forever build my own
Forever build my own
Forever my home”



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